Solving “Brown Zone” Woes with Juvederm Voluma XC

A smooth, wrinkle-free face (thanks to crow’s feet removal in Bucks County) isn’t the only key to looking young and radiant. Volume, too, plays a part in the fight against aging. The most significant loss of youthful volume occurs in the “brown zone” of your face—that is, your cheeks. Restoring the lost volume can also restore a youthful appearance, since young-looking faces universally have cheeks that are wider than the chin and jaw.

As we age, our faces get hit with a double whammy of decreased collagen production and fat loss. When it comes to your cheeks and midface, this combination results in thin, sagging skin and deflated cheeks. Plus, skeletal structure becomes thinner, so that your cheekbones become smaller than they were in youth. As a result, your cheeks stop being the widest point of your face. The fat that used to cushion your cheekbones slides downwards, and, combined with sagging skin, creates the appearance of a flattened midface, deep nasolabial folds, and a wider jaw.

As with all signs of aging, this transition may sound a little scary. But luckily, you have two secret weapons at your disposal: Voluma XC and Radiesse. Voluma and Radiesse are injectable gels designed for deep injection under the cheeks for patients over 21. Both are excellent fillers for restoring midface volume. Dr. Genter has treated hundreds of patients with both Radiesse and Voluma XC with remarkable results. Many patients report feeling younger and more confident after treatment.

The secret to the success of treatment with Voluma or Radiesse is twofold: First, the gel naturally simulates the effect of youthful fat pads beneath the skin, creating a realistic and flexible appearance that lifts, rounds and accents your cheeks without appearing stiff or artificial. Second, the use of injectable gel stimulates your face to product more of its own collagen, one of the primary ingredients in a youthful face. Since your body starts to produce more collagen on its own after Juvederm injections, you’ll need less filler material over time when you return for touch-up treatments.

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Know Your Zones: Green Zone Problems and How to Fix Them

Are you taking care of your Green Zone? The Green Zone refers to the upper portion of your face, including the outer corners of your eyes, your glabella (the triangle between your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose) and your forehead. This is the part of your face where a majority of your expressions occur: frowning, squinting, winking, smiling and expressing surprise all use the muscles in your brow and around your eyes.

Consequently, the Green Zone is also where some of the biggest tell-tale signs of aging can be found. Repeated frowning or eyebrow-raising develops deep horizontal wrinkles across your forehead, since the skin is repeatedly creased by the underlying muscles. Frowning also causes a deep vertical line to develop between your eyebrows (technically, this wrinkle is referred to as a glabellar line). Additionally, crow’s feet caused by repeated squinting and smiling develop around the eyes. These signs of aging can be compounded by genetic factors (much of our aging pattern is inherited), fluctuating hormone levels that cause a loss of skin elasticity and habits like smoking, drinking or poor diet. Along with wrinkles, Green Zone signs of aging include a drooping forehead and a loss of arch in the eyebrows.

At the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, one of the most effective treatments for Green Zone woes is Botox. Botox, a popular cosmetic treatment used by over 7 million people around the world, is a purified protein, also called botulinum type A. Since 2002, Botox’s properties as a neuromuscular blocker have been used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. Injections of Botox relax the muscles that lie beneath your deepest facial lines, restoring your forehead and eyes to a youthfully smooth appearance.

Botox injections can be performed in Dr. Genter’s office and require no downtime, meaning that you can return to your usual routine the same day, and the effects last up to four months. Dr. Genter also offers plastic surgery in his Philadelphia office for patients who might benefit from a more intensive Green Zone treatment. Brow lifts (also called forehead lifts) surgically tighten the brows and the area around the eyes, restoring the forehead to its youthful firmness. Dr. Genter can help you determine whether a brow lift is right for you during your consultation.

Once you and Dr. Genter decide what procedure is right for you, you can preview your new, youthful look with the help of our Mirror Imaging System and our new Alphaeon TouchMD technology. This leading technology allows Dr. Genter to show you exactly where any incisions or injections during your procedure will occur, and also allows you to see the improvements that your procedure will make to your appearance before you even schedule your appointment. Plus, you can review your results right at home with the myTouchMD secure patient portal, both before and during your consultation. TouchMD allows you to prepare for your visit with concerns and questions, so that you and Dr. Genter can identify your needs and decide upon the right procedure for you. You can access information about your procedure and peri-operative care at any time from your desktop or mobile device. With TouchMD technology, your Green Zone results will be more youthful and beautiful than you’ve ever thought possible.

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Green, Brown and Pink: Know Your Zones

Do you know your zones? The green, brown and pink zones refer to the upper, middle and lower parts of your face, and knowing how to treat the problems that develop in each are key to keeping a youthful appearance. This month, Dr. Genter is offering a special on pink zone treatment, but as a patient, you should be aware of all of the issues that can develop in each one, as well as the most effective ways to treat them.

Green Zone

The green zone refers to the upper face, including not just the forehead but also the eyes. This is where some of the most severe signs of aging occur, including horizontal forehead furrows, vertical creases between the brows and crow’s feet. Many of these lines can be treated with injectables. Botox has been a popular option for treating forehead wrinkles for many years, due to its ability to paralyze the muscles that cause creases. Botox is also effective in treating crow’s feet, as is Belotero, which can fill in the fine lines caused that develop around the eyes from repeated squinting and smiling. A brow lift may be able to help with more extensive signs of aging.

Brown Zone

The brown zone is probably the one that gets the least attention in conversations about the signs of aging. This zone includes your cheeks and nose. Sagging cheeks are a primary sign of aging, and can be corrected with volumizing injectables like Voluma, Radiesse and Juvederm to lift, round and accent them. Usually, the nose does not suffer significant signs of aging, but flaws and irregularities can become more apparent as you age. Surgery isn’t necessarily required to fix these issues—a non-surgical nose job uses strategically placed injectables to balance out the shape of your nose.

Pink Zone

Serious signs of aging can occur in the pink zone, which includes your lips and chin. Lips that lose volume and lines around your mouth can contribute to a prematurely aged appearance. However, these issues are easily fixed with Belotero and Juvederm, which fill in and plump deeply etched lines and thin lips.

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