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History of Plastic Surgery

We hope that you already know we are doing a Fabulous Fall campaign that features great offers on some of the most up-to-date and innovative procedures. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, we’ve always made sure to follow the latest developments and techniques in the industry. To celebrate our Fabulous Fall event and the amazing results that can be accomplished with plastic surgery today, we thought we would give you all a little trip down memory lane on how far we’ve come and how long the tradition of plastic surgery is.

A lot of genter1people think the history of plastic surgery doesn’t reach that far back, and that it’s mainly a contemporary phenomenon. The term “plastic surgery,” to describe a wide variety of surgeries that range from aesthetic to reconstructive surgery, has been around for less than two hundred years, but that doesn’t mean the practice itself is that recent. The first mention of a procedure that can be characterized as plastic surgery dates back to the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, meaning it took place in approximately 3000 to 2500 BC. This procedure was a reconstruction of a broken nose.

Similarly, we know that by 800 BC reconstructive procedures were being done in India, and many historically important contributions to the field of plastic surgery come from Indian physicians of that time. In fact, two thousand year later, at the turn of the 18th and 19th century, many British physicians traveled to India to learn the plastic surgery methods being used there. As a result, Joseph Carpue – who spent 20 years studying plastic surgery in India – performed the first known major plastic surgery in the Western world around 1815.

genter2Another part of the world where plastic surgery made leaps forward early on in history is Ancient Rome. Starting from about 1st century BC, they routinely performed relatively simple procedures like reconstructing damaged ears.

And to round up our brief introduction, we of course want to mention the first American plastic surgeon: He was John Roe, who in 1891 presented his first known plastic surgery work. He reduced his patient’s dorsal nasal hump, which is now colloquially know as doing a nose job.

It’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? And makes it even more impressive to think about all the results we can achieve with plastic surgery in 2015… Speaking of which, if you want to view the great Fabulous Fall offers on some of the most state-of-the-art procedures, from skin care to breast augmentation in Philadelphia, please visit our Specials page.


Something Fabulous and Special to Look Forward to This Fall/Winter

We’ve moved into fall, and winter is fast approaching, so the busiest holiday season of the year is upon us. And, with holidays come parties, company affairs and other fun events. A lot of people want to look their best for this time of the year, and we’re here for them. Right now, we’re offering a wide variety of specials for our Fabulous Fall savings events that include offers not found anywhere else in the area. The following is a list of a few selected examples of the wide range of services we’ll offer in the coming fall, winter and holiday seasons.

Perfect Peels – These peeling treatments rejuvenate skin and eliminate dead or unhealthy layers. Our ZO Ossential Stimulation Peel brings vibrancy to your skin and promotes collagen production. We also provide various other skin peel and care treatments, like our Signature Rejuvenating Skin Peel treatment that features a three-tiered approach to skin rejuvenation that includes, for example, a manual exfoliation with lactic and glycolic acid as well as a revitalizing vitamin C masque.

$500 Off of Any Procedure – Our patients are eligible for a $500 off offer for any surgery of their choice, whether it is liposuction, body lifts, breast lifts, facelifts, body contouring or another procedure. Any surgery priced under $10,000 will receive a $250 discount, and anything over that receives the full $500 discount.

Fall Skin Fitness Programs – We’re running a special on our Fall Skin Fitness Program, which involves several different treatments that help rejuvenate your skin. The Skin Fitness Program includes two separate Fire & Ice Facials, a moisturizing complex, a youth eye complex treatment and one active serum treatment. Contact us today for more information on the special.

Laser Days at the Center – We use “Intense Pulsed Light” laser treatments to selectively remove marks from a patient’s skin, including dark spots, lesions and age spots. These treatments can effectively treat uneven skin tones, broken capillaries, vascular birthmarks, “Port Wine” stains, fine lines and even unwanted red or brown pigmentation in the skin. Contact our Center today to learn more about ClearLift™ Laser “Face Lifts,” Factional Laser Skin Resurfacing, AFT IPL Laser Treatments and more.

Specials on Sientra Gummy Bear Implants and Tummy Tucks – For anyone looking to enhance their figure around this holiday season, we have specials on the Sientra Gummy Bear Implants. These state-of the art new implants are sold by the best board-certified doctors, and with our special discount we offer them at only $6,600 for a limited time. Another exciting option for figure-enhancement is our Tummy Tuck special. If you’re looking to stabilize your body weight, remove excess skin around your midsection or want your abs to look more defined, this may be the perfect choice for you. Abdominoplasty, or “Tummy Tuck,” is also often performed after a childbirth or following significant weight loss.

As one of the premier providers of plastic surgery in Philadelphia we understand the importance of first impressions and wanting to look your best. Want to learn more? Fill out a contact form on our site or call us at 215.240.6758.


The Latest in Scientific Breakthroughs at Our Center

We’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing out the hidden beauty in all of our clientele—it’s still there, just hidden by years of aging, stress and other risk factors that contribute to weight gain, wrinkles, sagging and other unsightly features that come with getting older and busier. There are plenty of solutions and we’re pleased to offer a majority of them. Don’t just take aging sitting down, come to us.

Why are we so confident? Because we provide some of the latest in scientific breakthroughs for beauty and aesthetic science. Plastic surgery along with the rest of western medicine has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few decades and we’re offering the latest, most modern, minimally-invasive procedures to bring you back to wherever you want to be. We do all of this to bring happiness to patients, to bring a lasting impact on their lives that will return the confidence they deeply desire. Let’s talk about some of these breakthroughs.

Sientra Gummy Bear Implants – These new breast implants were constructed with modern breakthroughs in silicone and implant science in order to create a stronger, more reliable implant. Sientra Gummy Bear Implants are a modern implant without any of the shortcomings of past implant technology. The new solid, yet malleable, structure is strong, doesn’t sag or leak and lasts for a long time. After the surgery, our patients enjoy the new, fresh feel that the Sientra implants provide.

These implants are only entrusted to board-certified plastic surgeons and Dr. Genter was pleased to bring this product to his patients, being one of the first on the East Coast to do so.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant – NeoGraft is a brand new way to bring hair back to men suffering from male pattern baldness. This groundbreaking treatment uses a process known as follicular unit extraction. What this means is that they take each follicle separately, and then implant it into the balding area using concentrated compressed gas. This brand new “no-touch” technology is now available at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center. We understand that hair loss can be a very emotional experience for aging men, and we want to offer modern, minimally-invasive solutions.

Laser Treatments – We have the latest in carbon dioxide laser treatments for our patients with fine wrinkles, scarring from acne and sun-damaged skin.We also have the most modern selection of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments for our patients.

It doesn’t stop there. We have amazing laser treatments for unsightly veins, skin tightening, spider veins and even three-dimensional skin rejuvenation services. To learn more about all of the modern treatments we offer to patients worldwide, feel free to contact us at 215.572.7744.