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Find the Right Procedure for Your New Look

If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be? You may have spent a lot of time considering this question recently as you made your New Year’s resolutions to get fit and look more youthful. Chances are, what you’d like to change is included in the following list of the top four body parts that women report wanting to alter. At the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, there’s a procedure to fix each of them and get you the new look that you deserve.


Suffering from a flabby tummy? You’re not alone. The majority of women say that the one body part they’d like to change is their abdomen area. Having children or working in office jobs where not much physical activity occurs contributes to expanding waistlines or sagging skin. You can correct the problem, however, with a tummy tuck, which removes excess fat and skin, revealing abdominal muscles and trimming waistlines.


Second to abdomen woes are insecurities about the bustline. There’s no universal reason for wanting to re-shape the bust, however. Some women want larger, fuller breasts, while others would like their breast size reduced for comfort or aesthetic reasons. Still, others who may have sagging breasts from the effects of aging and childbirth simply want a breast lift to restore their bustline to its pert, youthful shape. Whatever your reasons for wanting to better your breasts, you’ll find the right procedure here.


At the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, the only thing we can’t do is make your legs longer. But liposuction on the thighs can reshape the legs for a slimmer, more proportional look. And if you’ve already lost weight around your hips and thighs but now have to deal with excess, sagging skin, a thigh lift can tighten up inner and outer thighs so that you can proudly show off your slimmer shape.


Whatever feature of your face you’d like to enhance, there’s a solution. No longer do you have to feel insecure about your eyes, lips, cheeks or nose thanks to the wealth of options available. It’s not even necessary that you go through surgery to achieve your best look: thanks to injectables like Botox and Juvederm, not to mention non-surgical nose jobs, you can get a fresh face without the expense or downtime of surgery.

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Looking Your Best for the Holidays

Holiday Event season is here, and while you’re choosing a killer new dress and shoes to step out in, don’t forget about taking some time to rejuvenate your face. At the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care center, our Holiday Event injectables packages are cost-effective and non-surgical ways to get bright eyes, full lips and sculpted cheekbones just in time for your big Holiday Event.


Bags and crow’s feet can contribute to eyes looking tired and worn. Injectables like Botox and Belotero can help smooth out signs of aging and restore youthful expressiveness to your eyelids, as well as the surrounding areas.


One of the primary defining features of youth are firm, full cheeks. As we age, gravity pulls the skin down, creating a worn and tired appearance. However, Voluma and Juvederm can help restore lift and roundness to the cheeks. Plus, filling out the line of the cheekbone can give your face a sculptured appearance that’s simply covetable.


Fine lines around the lips are normal signs of aging. They develop from repeated puckering of the mouth, and can be especially pronounced if you’re a long-time smoker. If you want to smooth out your lip lines, Botox is your best bet. Botox relaxes the lines around your mouth, taking years off your appearance.

Loss of volume, too, is normal, and many start out with naturally thin lips. Get a youthful boost with Juvederm, which gives your lips a full, soft and natural appearance. Fine lines can be filled in with Belotero or Juvederm and Botox can help enhance the results by relaxing the lines. You’ll have one more reason to smile this holiday season.


When you think about cosmetic alterations to the nose, the first thing you might think of is rhinoplasty—that is, surgery, which means downtime and expense. Surgical nose jobs are well worth their price tag, but impractical if you’re just prepping for your Holiday Event that’s a few short weeks away. However, a non-surgical nose job, which involves injections to the top and sides of the nose, can straighten and refine your nose without surgery or downtime.

Facial Hair

The holidays are also a perfect time for laser hair removal in Montgomery County. Have unwanted hair removed from lips, chin and cheeks to get a smooth, youthful appearance.

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History of Plastic Surgery

We hope that you already know we are doing a Fabulous Fall campaign that features great offers on some of the most up-to-date and innovative procedures. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, we’ve always made sure to follow the latest developments and techniques in the industry. To celebrate our Fabulous Fall event and the amazing results that can be accomplished with plastic surgery today, we thought we would give you all a little trip down memory lane on how far we’ve come and how long the tradition of plastic surgery is.

A lot of genter1people think the history of plastic surgery doesn’t reach that far back, and that it’s mainly a contemporary phenomenon. The term “plastic surgery,” to describe a wide variety of surgeries that range from aesthetic to reconstructive surgery, has been around for less than two hundred years, but that doesn’t mean the practice itself is that recent. The first mention of a procedure that can be characterized as plastic surgery dates back to the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, meaning it took place in approximately 3000 to 2500 BC. This procedure was a reconstruction of a broken nose.

Similarly, we know that by 800 BC reconstructive procedures were being done in India, and many historically important contributions to the field of plastic surgery come from Indian physicians of that time. In fact, two thousand year later, at the turn of the 18th and 19th century, many British physicians traveled to India to learn the plastic surgery methods being used there. As a result, Joseph Carpue – who spent 20 years studying plastic surgery in India – performed the first known major plastic surgery in the Western world around 1815.

genter2Another part of the world where plastic surgery made leaps forward early on in history is Ancient Rome. Starting from about 1st century BC, they routinely performed relatively simple procedures like reconstructing damaged ears.

And to round up our brief introduction, we of course want to mention the first American plastic surgeon: He was John Roe, who in 1891 presented his first known plastic surgery work. He reduced his patient’s dorsal nasal hump, which is now colloquially know as doing a nose job.

It’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? And makes it even more impressive to think about all the results we can achieve with plastic surgery in 2015… Speaking of which, if you want to view the great Fabulous Fall offers on some of the most state-of-the-art procedures, from skin care to breast augmentation in Philadelphia, please visit our Specials page.