• 12 Months Interest Free!
    • 24 & 36 month financing available*
*Interest fees apply. $2,000 minimum purchase required for Care Credit


Most of the surgical procedures we perform are considered elective and therefore are not covered by a health insurance provider. To manage the cost of cosmetic surgery, some patients choose to get plastic surgery financing in Philadelphia through a special credit provider. At our Philadelphia plastic surgery offices, we offer financing through CareCredit.

We also accept payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

Click on the icon below to apply for plastic surgery financing in Philadelphia or learn more about the program:


How to finance cosmetic surgery procedures.

How does cosmetic surgery financing work?

CareCredit is a personal credit line intended to finance healthcare services. It is similar to a credit card but can only be used for healthcare and also offers no interest financing if you pay your balance before the promotional period ends.

Can I finance cosmetic surgery if I have bad credit?

Like other loans and financing options, approval will take information from your credit history into account, pertaining to the applicant and co-applicants.

What type of procedures can I finance?

Medical loans can be obtained for a variety of procedures, including cosmetic surgery, gastric bypass/bariatric surgery, general surgery and others.

Care Credit minimum charge – $2,000