Face Lift

Facelift surgery tightens and lifts sagging skin around the lower face and jaw. It is common for the skin around the lower third of your face to lose its form over time, leading to deep wrinkles and poor definition around the jaw and neck.

Most patients who require a facelift have developed, in addition to loose skin, a loss of youthful volume in multiple areas such as the cheeks, lips, jaw line, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines.  The addition of fat injections to the basic facelift procedure is extremely important for these patients in order to achieve the optimal and most natural results.

A facelift with Philadelphia plastic surgeon Bruce Genter can renew your appearance by resculpting the tissues of the face and correcting these problems.

Facelift surgery: Who can benefit?

If you exhibit conditions such as these, you may be a candidate for a facelift:

        • Signs of aging in the lower third of the face
        • Sagging cheeks
        • Deep wrinkles and smile lines
        • Heavy jowls
        • Loose skin on neck and jaw

Face Lift Techniques: How Surgery Resolves Signs of Aging

Facelift surgery involves many varying techniques. The following is a general outline of the basic surgery methods involved.

        1. Markings are made on the areas of treatment prior to surgery.
        2. General anesthesia is administered in most cases, though local anesthesia is an option.
        3. Incisions are made near the ears and along the hairline.
        4. After performing a dissection, tissues of the face, jowls and neck are sculpted.  Sometimes liposuction is used to sculpt the neck and chin area.
        5. Tissue is lifted, repositioned, or trimmed and the incisions are closed.

After Your Facelift: What to Expect

Someone will need to bring you home after surgery and assist you for the first 24 hours. Tape and dressing will cover the head and in some cases, surgical drains are placed that sit below your neck.

Drains would be removed after approximately 24 hrs. The sutures used around the ears are dissolvable, but scalp sutures require another visit for removal after about 1 week.

Do you have questions about facelift surgery? Get them answered in a consultation with Dr. Bruce Genter, board certified plastic surgeon. Our practice is located in Feasterville, just outside Philadelphia, PA. View our facelift photos to see real results achieved by Dr. Genter.