Why Choose NeoGraft?

NeoGraft® is the first follicular unit harvesting (FUE) and hair implantation system ever cleared by the FDA.  The NeoGraft machine adds a high level of automation to the FUE procedure.   NeoGraft’s revolutionary design uses a pneumatic device to extract complete hair follicles precisely and painlessly.  The extracted follicles are then immediately transplanted using the same pneumatic process in reverse, restoring follicles to balding areas of the scalp.  NeoGraft is the only “No Touch” implantation device on the market, offering complete and comprehensive hair follicle harvesting and transplantation.

Hair harvesting and placement is exact and effective with Neograft.  The results are repeatable and reliable.  Neograft’s technology ensures that each follicle is removed individually and carefully, leaving the full follicle intact.  A natural-looking head of hair is the end result of this minimally-invasive procedure, where the patient is comfortable the entire time and the recovery is swift, often within a day of the procedure.

Both the difficulty of hair-loss and the onerous task of finding effective hair restoration is a difficult and emotional process for men worldwide.  Though seeing your hair disappear will never get any easier, restoring it is much simpler with the advent of NeoGraft®.  In addition to the ease of the procedure, there are no linear scars revealing that hair restoration ever took place.  Likewise, there is a short recovery period and the procedure gets quicker with each scientific advancement.  NeoGraft® will restore your hair, without letting the world know you needed the procedure.

  • Noticeable, Attractive Results – NeoGraft’s® procedure creates natural looking hair for men and women that can be contoured towards a wide variety of styles, long or short.
  • Innovative Science – NeoGraft’s® Automated system employs advanced technology to create a minimally invasive, no touch, painless and effective hair restoration treatment.
  • Minimal Discomfort – NeoGraft® uses no scalpel incisions or staples.  This means no linear scars.  Additionally, patients report little to no discomfort and no pain, although recovery can be slightly itchy.
  • Stay Active – Traditional strip methods come with stitches and restrictions. Not Neograft®.
  • Same Day Discharge – Patients typically return to their lives within a day, in the workplace or otherwise.
  • Financial Accomodations – We will work to meet the specific needs of each client, both medically and financially.

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