Neograft and Hair Implants in Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery County PA

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Hair Restoration

Having a full head of hair increases your self-esteem and provides a cosmetically pleasing appearance. For both personal and professional reasons, receiving a hair restoration procedure with a hair loss specialist delivers a large impact on your life. hair transplant neograft Philadelphia

The loss of hair affects millions of men and women each year, and Dr. Genter is proud to offer noninvasive treatments to restore your hair. Statistically, 40 million men and about 21 million women, including those in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, will suffer from male/female pattern baldness, also called “thinning hair” or a “receding hairline.”

Dr. Genter now offers Follicular United Extraction (FUE) hair restoration and transplant treatments using the NeoGraft® Automated Hair Transplantation method. The FUE hair transplantation procedure from our hair loss specialist removes individual follicles from the patient’s scalp in their naturally occurring groupings. These “groupings” are small clusters of about 1-4 hairs; they are placed in the areas of the scalp where balding is occurring, and natural hair will begin to grow in those locations.

Natural Hair Restoration

NeoGraft is designed to be both comfortable for you and your surgeon, providing a more precise restoration technique and follicle extraction.

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Reasons To Choose NeoGraft®:

  • NeoGraft is minimally invasive.
  • The NeoGraft Procedure offers little to no discomfort.
  • The implants procedure requires no stitches and no stapling
  • NeoGraft does not leave unattractive linear scarring.
  • NeoGraft provides flexibility for all different styles of hair
  • Short recovery times after transplant; patients can often return to their daily lives the next day.
  • Normal daily activities receive fewer restrictions
  • The results of hair implants look and feel natural — nobody will know you had hair restoration in Montgomery County unless you tell them.

As a hair loss specialist in the Philadelphia area, Dr. Genter provides the best solutions for you. After a consultation, he understands your visions and provides natural hair restoration to expand your confidence and have you looking your best.

Prior to the FUE microsurgical technique, Dr. Genter will create a plan to ensure the hair follicles are inserted according to the angle, orientation, and direction you prefer. He will then place the follicles individually into thinning and balding areas on top of the head to maximize success.

Hair Transplant

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Receiving a hair transplant involves taking hair from the back of your head or specified donor area, using that hair to replace in areas of hair loss. Using the NeoGraft system, we’re able to quickly remove the follicles from your donor area and implant them into the balding areas more successfully than other techniques.

Once extracted, hair grafts are separated by size and are ready for the transplant. Dr. Genter is a hair loss specialist that ensures a permanent experience of regrowth after the procedure. You are a candidate for receiving the NeoGraft transplant if you are experiencing thinning hair while still having enough natural hair to transfer to the balding areas.

Let Dr. Genter help improve your daily life by allowing you to maintain a full head of growing hair. With many people around Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA suffering from thinning hair, call today and restore your natural hair.