Dear Dr. Genter,

This letter comes to you some years after we have last seen one another, but you have been in my thoughts. In a sense, I feel that the passage of time really deepens our gratitude, and this has certainly been the case for me. Words can’t really convey how deeply you have impacted my life for the better, but I will try to explain.

I first saw you for a consultation when I was 20-years-old. I was seeking a rhinoplasty and a reconstruction for a tuberous breast deformity. I always felt self-conscious about my nose. As for my breasts, my deformity was a source of outright shame for me… I still remember how awful I felt when I looked in the mirror during all those years pre­-op and saw a misshapen, half-missing breast. And I still remember how crushing it was…that I didn’t fit into normal bras, bathing suits, or tops…

…The beautiful work you did with both my surgeries made me feel as though I finally resembled the woman I was “meant to” look like, and in a sense , I feel more like “me” in these years post-op than I ever felt prior… Mere months after my surgery , I was asked to appear in a calendar and was approached for other modeling opportunities as well. Even now, at age 30, I have just recently been approached by artists seeking female models, and the work you did for me seems to have a somewhat global aesthetic – not just here in Pennsylvania, but even in places I have lived overseas in Asia, Europe, and South America …But I thought you deserved to know that even after a decade, the work you did for me still inspires artists and wows people around the world! Thank you so much for this…

You are not only a gifted surgeon, Dr. Genter, but an amazingly empathic , compassionate, kind­-hearted human being…. What’s more, you are deeply ethical and did not try to take advantage of my insecurities by pushing unnecessary procedures, even when I lamented my dissatisfaction with other parts of my face or body. I have recommended you to friends considering cosmetic surgery over the years and would gladly do so again to anyone…

…What you do, Dr. Genter, by restoring people’s sense of self-worth , actually opens up an infinite array of beautiful new pathways in our lives have to give to the world because they don’t see anything of value in themselves… Meeting you is something I consider to have been a great blessing in my life. I was grateful from Day 1, but, truthfully, my appreciation only grows as the passage of time deepens… The way that you contributed to the healing of my self-esteem and my relationship with myself as a woman brought a broader harmony to my life overall and opened doors to a much more loving and fulfilling future… I am certain that I am not the only patient of yours who has been affected in this way… So I want to thank you on behalf of all of us. I’m sorry that words can’t fully express just how grateful I am for what you’ve done for me.


Dr. Genter just competed surgery Rhinoplasty on my daughter. Her splint was removed today. I would like to compliment Dr. Genter on a job very well done. Great work. You can use me as a testimonial if you like. My wife and I are just so pleased and my daughter is very happy. Thank you Dr. Genter!

To the Wonderful Staff:

A note of thanks and gratitude for the “unexpected gifts” and for the comfort and security you wrap me in as I undertake this adventure. Having come from a place of doubt and disappointment you are all a breath of fresh air. Your availability, informative suggestions, and knowledge help me to prepare realistically, and I look forward to what is ahead with less fear. Again, thank you for your generosity.

My refreshed face will help me walk into the reunion a little “taller” and with real confidence. You are all genuine in your kindness and I appreciate each of you.

With warm regards,


Dear Dr. Genter, Much appreciation for your artistry, competence and overall “niceness”. Thanks also to your staff, particularly Jane and Patti who were professional, caring and very, very patient. I hope you all enjoy these cookies. Warm regards, Judith

To Dr. Genter and Staff,
This year – 2000 – brought me to you – a pro surgeon and your great team. And what you have done for me is priceless! I like the results and am having “fun” with the make-up! Even during my recent and most unexpected hospitalization I had the “smug and secret” satisfaction when two nurses at different times, came in my room, looked at my chart and said “ Your 70?” How ‘bout that!!

Dr. Genter,
Thank you for everything. The best Christmas present I’ve eve r gotten came from your gracefully skilled hands. Only your skill could have taken my “problem breasts” and made them look so incredible. A year ago I would have never thought I could feel this good about myself. If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing! You are a wonderful and skilled doctor, and your staff is wonderful as well.
Thank you again! Sincerely, Sara H.

Dear Dr. Genter and Staff,
Thank you so much for supplying the information I requesting regarding Carolyn. It has been a pleasure dealing with such helpful, caring people. As they say “the results are in the pudding”. And Carolyn couldn’t be happier. Carolyn will be wearing a swimsuit this year. So Dr, Genter put another feather in your cap.
Sincerely, Joyce L.

Dear Dr. Genter and Staff,
I must start this letter by telling you that I have never before written to any doctors office, but your office is so special that you and everyone else deserves to see it in writing. Everyone in the office is genuinely concerned about me and my well-being and made me feel important every time I come for an appointment. Bonnie is the consummate greeter…. Jane is the soother and hand-holder who definitely got me through one painful procedure… Debbie always has a warm, sweet smile and Miriam, you are the most joyous, enthusiastic person I know. I have just had the pleasure of meeting Beverly but she epitomizes the atmosphere of the whole office- Last, but certainly not least… Dr, Genter! Thank you so much for always being there for me – to answer my endless questions, to always returning my phone calls and being an outstanding, caring, compassionate doctor. Thank you all. Fondly, Joanne

Dear Dr. Genter
Thank you so much for the consultation on July 7th. I appreciated the time you spent with me and felt I came away with valuable information. You, and your staff, made me feel very comfortable. I am processing all my thoughts and hope to make a decision very soon – at that time I will make a pre-surgical appointment.
Thank you again! Shelley B.

Dear Dr. Genter
I’d like to take a moment to say how pleased I am with the results of my neck lift surgery. The results are amazing and I have a definitive profile once again. From the initial consultation, throughout the recovery and follow-up period, I have found the professionalism and quality of service at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center to be beyond expectation. The staff is supportive, encouraging, caring and knowledgeable. They are available day or night to take a call, respond to a question, handle a request. The attention to detail, care and professionalism of everyone involved throughout the pre-surgical, surgical and post-surgical period made me all the more confident that I had made the right decision. You possess a wonderful ability to clarify and explain the surgical process and the amount of time you spent during each visit to answer every question so thoroughly was appreciated. Whenever I’m asked if I could recommend a good plastic surgeon, I respond by saying “I can’t recommend a good one, but I can recommend a great one – Dr. Bruce Genter.”
Sincerely, Ebra M.

Dear Dr. Genter,
I would like to extend my thanks for the care and personal attention that you have given me over the past month. I was so impressed at the amount of time and patience that you showed on our first meeting. I have never had a doctor extend such warmth and understanding regarding such a personal procedure. I would also like to thank Debbie and Maria for answering all of my crazy questions! Their kindness was deeply appreciated. Thanks again from the bottom of my breast! Fondly, Clare S.

Dear Dr. Genter and Staff,
I needed to give you a heartfelt work of “thanks” which is long overdue! It’s been almost 5 month since surgery and what a difference. Not only did you make me feel important and comfortable before and after surgery, but the results are fantastic! During a recent breast exam by my OB/GYN doctor, she exclaimed, “they look so natural! Who was your doctor?” Needless to say, you are highly recommended. I’m sure many moms can agree that after years of nursing, our breasts begin pointing to the flood and they feel like Jello (that is, if we have anything left at all). Now, I no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed when I wear a low-cut dress or bathing suit, and I actually fit into “nice” bras! My husband love the way my self-esteem has grown and I finally feel like a “woman” again. (It’s a lot of fun!) Thanks for all the encouragement from you great ladies running the office and of course I can’t forget you Dr. Genter & your miraculous hands. (Since we’ve been up close and personal, can I call you Bruce??)
Love, & many thanks, Lisa H.

Dear Jane,
Thanks for being so up beat. The world needs more people like you, a nice smile means so much! Have a nice holiday, A former, and probably a future patient!

Dr. Genter,
Wow! If I knew I would feel this much better I would have been here long ago! You’re a Class Act! “Keep up all the good work!” See you again (maybe when I’m 40) I’m not gonna grow old gracefully. Ha Ha! Why should I? Have a great holiday!

Dr Genter, Jane, Beverly, and Office
Thank you so much for your kindness and patience with me throughout the last month! I never would have gotten through it so easy w/out all the many questions you answered along the way & and again – all your patience! Doc- you did a tremendous job on my body & I look forward to an ongoing relationship with you and your office! (P.S. – Hollywood… Look Out!)

Dear Dr. Genter, Jane, Beverly & Staff,
Thought I’d let you know how happy I am with my results. (they’re perfect!) I also want to thank everyone for their patience, help and understanding. (I know I wasn’t your easiest patient!) Thanks for always being there when I needed you most!! Best Regards, Debbie S.

Doctor Genter,
You and your staff are the most personable people I’ve ever met. Not to mention your skills.

Dear Dr. Genter,
I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for everything you’ve done for me. You have gone out of you way to make me happy and that’s something I will never forget. You are a truly wonderful, kind person and an exceptional doctor.
Judi K.

With sincerest gratitude to you, all for making my surgery to easy and such a positive experience… you are a wonderful team and awesomely fantastic.
Thank you, Barbara

Dear Dr. Genter,
I was recommended to you by Dr. Nissman for liposuction surgery last spring. Although it was something many people did not think I needed, I wanted to do it for myself. I was very unhappy with the way my clothes were starting to fit and I knew that dieting was not an option. I wasn’t overweight, I was just unhappy with the way I looked and as you said to me on many occasions, it was more of a “tune-up” than anything else. Well, on May 23, 2001 I went ahead with the surgery and must say that the “tune-up” worked. The results I got were wonderful and I thank Dr. Nissman everyday for recommending you to me! It has been over 5 months and I cannot even explain how happy I am with the results. I went down almost 2 full dress sizes and my trouble spots are gone. I love shopping now, getting dressed up, and especially love the complements I have been receiving since the surgery. Not even 2 months after my surgery, I was able to get into a bikini and go to the beach for the first time since senior year in high school. Again, I want to thank you and also your staff for the pleasure of feeling so welcome in your office. Feel free to give my name and number again as a contact in the future for prospective liposuction patients. I would be happy to speak with anyone considering having you perform his or her liposuction surgery. Warmly, Kathryn M.

To Dr. Genter & his staff,
Happy holidays. Thank you for always making me feel comfortable & answering every silly question I had. I’ve wanted to have this surgery for a long time. I’m glad I finally did. The results are better then I ever imagined. Thank you! Pamela C

Dear Dr. Genter and the lovely ladies,
What a pleasant surprise the sweet pink rose was; a lovely contrast to the sight that was greeting me in the mirror. You are most kind and considerate to include this extra touch in your care giving. I also appreciate your coming in on Sunday to reassure me about the swelling. Sunday was the worst and I am seeing improvement everyday. As my husband said (after he recovered from his initial shock from seeing me), I’m like the signs in a construction zone: temporary inconvenience ; permanent improvement. Lets hope! Everyone in your office has been so warm and encouraging. Please extend my thanks for the exceptional care to Jane, Patty and Beverly. I hope you and your family has a marvelous time at your own winter Olympics in Vail. I look forward to seeing you next week with my almost new face sans “goop”. Thank you again for the lovely rose. It has brightened my days! Sincerely,

Dear Dr. Genter,
Please accept this dreydel as a token of my appreciation for the new body that you created for me. The letters on the dreydel stand for the saying a great miracle happened there. That is how I feel about what you did for me. This surgery for me was a dream come true. The beautifully shaped breasts and a wonderfully flat abdomen that you created are evidence of your meticulous work and careful attention to detail. I once could not stand to look at my naked reflection in the mirror now I find that I am always looking at myself. Even Chuck, my husband, who was less than enthusiastic about my decision to have this surgery, is very pleased with the results. This was my Hanukkah present to me, one that I will enjoy for the rest of my life thanks to you. Have a Happy Hanukkah filled with good health, family, love and happiness. Love,

Dear Dr. Genter
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the recent facelift procedure you performed on September 8th• I look in the mirror and to my complete delight, I have no more cheekbags or sagging jowls and I honestly think I look many years younger than when I first walked in your door! All my friends are complimenting me on looking so well (most do not know I had the procedure done, and thanks to your artistry, never will!), and I am happy to say I now look as good as I feel. I am especially happy with the results because unlike the drawn back, stretched skin that screams “facelift – big time” your surgery is very natural and most important, I look like the same person – only much better. I would recommend your work to any person considering plastic surgery – you’re the best and I am walking proof of your artistry! Very truly yours, Lori M.

Dear Dr. Genter,
I just wanted to express to you and your entire staff my appreciation for the wonderful care and treatment I have received over the past several months. Everyone in your office made me feel comfortable every step of the way. They were always friendly and professional and made my visits extremely pleasant. As for the results of my procedures, I do not think words could ever express how truly happy I am with the outcome. I look in the mirror now and cannot believe the reflection with which I am greeted. I still think I am dreaming. I am so much more confident and comfortable in my body, and my self-esteem has increased immensely. Thank you so much for the expert and professional job you did for me, and the comforting, friendly way in which you did it. It means so very much to me. Sincerely,

Dear Dr. Genter and Staff,
This thank you note is long over due. I first came to your office in October 1999 to have a procedure done to remove excess breast tissue under by arms. The result changed my life and gave me confidence that I wanted when wearing bathing suits and sleeveless dresses. You and your staff are the ultimate professionals. Always caring, considerate, and knowledgeable. I then had to come to your office but this time for a different reason. After having a left me very uneven. I need a right breast reduction. Your skill is unmatched. I have received numerous compliments on the great work you have done. Once again, my confidence is shy high. Thank you for being a great facility.
Yours Truly, Sherne G.

Dear Dr Genter,
Before my visit to your office I wasn’t feeling so great about myself. But once you and I talked of the procedure and the breast reduction is made me feel good and I could wait to see myself after the operation. In all the times before the operation I imagined a lot of how I would look, and once it was over I feel so great about my body and myself. For all the happiness that you’ve brought I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. From me and my mom we both wish you, your family, and office staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thank you

Dear Bruce,
Many thanks for the beautiful result achieved for the enhancement of my breasts. I am truly grateful. It has really changed my life. I appreciate all the care and support that was given to me by your outstanding staff – Beverly and Mary especially. Also, thanks for a job well done on my brother. He looks fantastic.
Fondly, Jamie

Dear Dr. Genter;
I just wanted to send you this note to say “Thank-You”! Everyday I wake up and the first thing I do is look at my stomach! It’s amazing what a beautiful job you did on me! I truly couldn’t be happier. I tell everyone I know and meet about you. You are a wonderful doctor! The surgery that you performed on me was more then I ever expected! I’m so glad that I left my trust in you. My stomach is now “beautiful”. Thank you so much! You are a terrific surgeon and I thank you with all my heart!
Thanks again… Love, Kerri L.

Thank you for your Kindness, and consideration. You were all professional, efficient and most of all very accommodating to my needs. Jane, Thanks for the Extra steps to make my recovery a speedy one, and Dr. Genter for improving my appearance.
Sincerely, Sharon