Tammi Regan, Practice Director

Tammi Regan is the Practice Director for Dr. Genter, and came to us from 25 years in the beauty industry. As the owner of several successful day spas, she built her reputation on offering high-end service to her clientele. During that time, she developed an excellent reputation as an international public speaker – running seminars, training programs and lecturing as a successful entrepreneur on the subject of creating and building great teams in the workplace.

Eventually, she sold her day spas and began working in the cosmetic surgery practice setting.

Her work for Dr. Genter centers on cultivating a positive work environment for the practice staff as well as managing the financial and human resources end of the practice. Her creative marketing and advertising experience always keeps things fresh and exciting for patients. “My business background in the beauty business taught me the importance of empowering women and making sure that we offer our patients the personalized care that they so appreciate.”

She likes working behind the scenes, refining the team development that makes a good practice flow smoothly. “Our patients want to know that they’re in a safe, caring environment. They’re going through a positive life change when they come to us and want to feel confident and good about their experience.” Tammi notes that the staff is the embodiment of Dr. Genter’s expertise and caring about patients. “We’re here to assure them and to give them the best we can offer.”

Jane Burke, Clinical Coordinator

janeJane Burke draws upon 28 years of medical experience- most of them in the arena of women’s health. A member of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association, she has been Dr. Genter’s “right hand” for the past 15 years,certified in all facial fillers and Botox treatments, assisting with minor procedures and completing pre and post operative evaluations. Jane handles the surgical scheduling and prepares patients on what to expect as they heal. She works closely with breast augmentation patients to help them select the perfect size.

A skilled skin rejuvenation specialist, Jane is an expert in facial injections. In fact, local reps have had her give lessons! “Whether I am working with an aesthetic surgery patient, or discussing fillers, it’s up to me to put every individual at ease. I never want them sitting at home, wondering or getting anxious. I consider myself a patient, proactive listener- it’s the only way to evaluate priorities and deliver superior care.” Contact Jane directly with any questions regarding procedures, injections or concerns

Melissa Otto, Manager – Patient Care

 melissa1Melissa Otto is our staff receptionist, courteously handling phone calls, booking appointments, and answering questions. She will likely be the first person you speak to when you call our office.

Melissa defines her position as being helpful to patients, and says that Dr. Genter’s patients are extremely nice.

She came to us from a background in women’s health, working for years in an Ob-Gyn practice where she developed her understanding of patients and her commitment to providing them with supportive information and service.

“I love working with patients, and want them to feel comfortable here. This is a great place to work, because we all have the same sense of purpose – to make sure each and every person we see has a positive, smooth experience with us. Dr. Genter is a wonderful doctor to work for: he’s a gentleman, with a calming manner and the ability to give generously of his time and respect to his patients and to his staff. We all do our best to go above and beyond, giving our patients the best possible care. That’s what we’re here for.”