Labiaplasty is designed to correct large or irregular labia. While labiaplasty is often called vaginal rejuvenation, this relatively minor cosmetic operation should not be confused with other procedures in cosmetic gynecology.

The general goal of labiaplasty is to address asymmetry or irregular shape of the labia minora.

Labiaplasty: Who can benefit?

Labiaplasty can generally benefit women who are dissatisfied with irregular shape and size of the labia. You might find these conditions unacceptable from a cosmetic standpoint or perhaps for functional or hygienic reasons.

Labiaplasty: What is involved?

During labiaplasty, excess tissue is removed or reshaped and absorbable sutures are placed to maintain the new form. With fat grafting, the outer labia can be reshaped as well.

Sutures generally will not need to be removed and after about 2 weeks the incision should be healed. Patients should expect to delay aerobic exercise or sexual activity for about 6 weeks.

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