Necklift & Liposuction

The jaw line is a vital part of your facial appearance. When excess fat and skin accumulate below your chin, the jaw line becomes hidden and important angles of your lower face disappear.

A neck lift in Philadelphia, with liposuction of the chin area, is a way to remedy this cosmetic problem.

Neck Lift & Liposuction: Who can benefit?

Many different approaches exist for rejuvenation of the lower face. In general, people who exhibit conditions like the following may want to be evaluated for a neck lift in Philadelphia:

  • Fat deposits below the chin
  • Sagging platysma muscle
  • Excess fat near the chin (double chin)

Those who have sagging facial tisse, heavy jowls or excess skin around the lower face and neck are often better candidates for a traditional facelift.

The Procedure: How to restore definition to your jaw

Liposuction can remove fatty tissue from the chin and neck area. A small incision is made near the lower face and a tiny tube called a cannula is used to dislodge and remove excess fat. Candidates should be at a stable, healthy body weight and have good skin tone.

Neck lift surgery may involve removal of the platysma muscle or it may require techniques similar to traditional facelift surgery. The platysma muscle, which can exhibit sagging on some patients, extends from the collarbone to the jaw. Facelift techniques would involve incisions near the ears and lifting or removal of excess skin.


Neck lift Before and After. Philadelphia, PA
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Possible candidates for these procedures must be evaluated on an individual basis in order to determine the necessary procedure(s). For more information on how the neck lift and liposuction can restore definition to your lower face, contact Dr. Genter’s office in Philadelphia County to schedule a consultation.