Chin Surgery

Chin surgery is sometimes called mentoplasty; it is a procedure that augments the projection of the chin or reshapes the chin to provide better facial proportion.

The chin is a significant part of your facial aesthetic. When the chin is weak, the nose and other features can appear larger. However, the chin can also be too prominent and cause a different type of disproportion. In either case, chin augmentation with implants or chin reduction surgery may be an appropriate method of attaining facial symmetry.

Chin Augmentation

Chin implants are typically used during this procedure. A small incision is made below your chin or inside your mouth, a pocket is made and the implant is secured in place on your jawbone. Chin implants come in several shapes and sizes to meet the needs of each patient.

After Your Chin Surgery in Philadelphia

We apply dressing to the incision areas and prescribe a liquid diet to ensure chewing doesn’t upset your results. Tenderness and some discomfort are often reported but can be controlled very well with medication.


Once healing is complete, chin surgery scars should be undetectable. Inside of the mouth they are invisible; if the incision was done under your chin, the scar blends with your natural facial curves.

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