Cheek Augmentation

Part of the defining features of your face are the cheeks. Full cheeks evoke an appearance of youth and vitality, while sunken or flat cheeks may make you appear tired or aged. Plastic surgeon Dr. Genter performs cheek augmentation in Philadelphia who wish to improve their facial harmony by adding youthful volume to their cheeks.

Cheek augmentation will require a special cheek implant or an injectable filler. With cheek implants, you can have them placed in a single surgery or during a facelift.

The goals of cheek augmentation are as follows:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Enhance facial symmetry and balance
  • Provide or restore fullness in the middle of the face

Why You Might Need Cheek Augmentation

Your underlying facial structure may not have the aesthetic qualities you desire. It might appear unbalanced, gaunt and hollow – conditions that can be hereditary or appear over time, as you get older.

A youthful and attractive face is usually very full; the cheeks project sufficiently and exhibit a soft, smooth and lively appearance. During cheek augmentation, we’re simply augmenting the facial structure that should have been, or the facial fullness that has been lost. If you are to undergo cheek augmentation, you should be a nonsmoker, as this will improve your healing process, lessening it in many cases.

How Cheek Augmentation Surgery Works

Before surgery, an implant size and shape is chosen that will produce the desired aesthetic results. Several cheek implant styles are available to meet your needs. If a cheek implant is placed during a single procedure, a small incision is typically made inside the mouth. A pocket is created and the implant is carefully stitched into place. Sometimes, Dr. Genter may choose to make an incision on the underside of your chin through which to insert the implant. In this case, the incision will be small and barely noticeable.

If Dr. Genter uses an injectable filler, he will place an appropriate amount of the product into specific areas of the cheeks to build up volume. When placed, he may then gently massage the area to ensure proper placement. Unlike cheek augmentation with an implant, this procedure is not permanent and will need to be redone over time as the filler breaks down naturally.

Cheek Augmentation is Reversible

Most people adjust to their implants and appreciate the appearance changes that have come with them. However, if you decide at some point that cheek implants were not the right choice, they can be removed.

There’s also a chance (as with any synthetic implant) of your body rejecting the implant, in which case removal would also be necessary. Recovery times will vary, but patients should expect a few weeks of recovery and adjustment time after cheek augmentation.

Contact Dr. Genter’s office for more information on cheek augmentation in Philadelphia with implants or dermal fillers.