Is Botox Safe? Here’s What You Should Know

Let’s be frank – Botox gets a bad rap by many people. However, this less than pleasant reputation is often unwarranted. You may hear things like, “Your face will be frozen!” or “Botox is poison!” But the good news is – that’s not true! Botox is perfectly safe, and here at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, we’re here to explain what you should know about the procedure if you’re considering getting Botox in Philadelphia, PA, or any of the surrounding areas.

Young or old, you might be facing unwanted creases, lines, or wrinkles on your face. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about that on your own. If you want to keep those wrinkles because you like the way they look, that’s great! But if you’d rather get rid of them, the best thing to do would be to come to us for a Botox procedure consultation. We can help you make an educated decision about what would be best for you.

What is Botox?

Botox is currently one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Philadelphia. It’s also used by more than 7 million people in over 70 countries across the world. Commonly called botulinum type A, Botox is a purified protein that not only stops muscle spasms but also stops the transmission of chemicals that tell your face to contract. The muscles relax when Botox is injected, which allows wrinkles to flatten and smooth, making the skin appear younger. The best part is – Botox is perfectly safe when administered by a licensed professional.

Can I Use Another Treatment With Botox?

Other treatments can be combined with the Botox procedure. In fact, it’s not uncommon for plastic surgeons to also use the wrinkle filler Juvederm along with it. With the combination of these two, you can look younger in no time.

At the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, our highly experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Genter safely administers Botox. He has over 30 years of experience in his craft, and he’ll give you the results you’ve been waiting for. To learn more about one of our many treatments, including Botox and also liposuction in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, call us at 215-240-6758.

How You Can Benefit From the NeoGraft Hair Transplant

It’s something that many men and women experience, but no one wants to admit to – hair loss. Losing your hair can make you feel older, less confident, and less willing to go out and live your life. However, there is a solution – hair restoration with NeoGraft.

For decades, men and women who were experiencing hair loss were forced to live with their receding hairlines, covering them up with hats or wigs. Today, NeoGraft provides a natural solution to give you your hairline and your confidence back. A hair loss specialist in Philadelphia can help you formulate a plan of action to help cure thinning or aging hair with NeoGraft. Designed to be comfortable and minimally invasive, NeoGraft offers a permanent solution to both men and women who would like to see themselves back in their younger appearance.

One of the most unique benefits of NeoGraft is that unlike other cosmetic procedures, it requires no stitching or stapling – you won’t have to worry about hiding a scar after the treatment. The procedure also has minimal recovery time; whether you’re a busy working professional or a mom who can’t slow down, you won’t have to worry about this treatment getting in the way of you living your life.

Though NeoGraft can certainly help you look better, the biggest benefits come in the form of increased self-esteem. As we age, our bodies can start to betray us; we look in the mirror, and the person looking back at us isn’t who we are. From hair transplants to liposuction in Philadelphia, Dr. Genter has been helping restore the confidence of Pennsylvanians for over twenty years. If you find yourself hiding your hairline or any part of your body, call Dr. Genter today, and get ready to take back your life.

Here at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, we’ll help you turn back time and look younger again. We offer many types of procedures including facelifts, abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, and more. To learn more about the NeoGraft hair treatments, contact us at 215-240-6758.