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Biggest Loser Contestant Undergoes Body Contouring from “The Doctors”

Danny Cahill, a contestant on The Biggest Loser, lost over 230 lbs through exercise and watching his calories. After such a dramatic transformation, he could not fully enjoy the results because he had a large amount of excess skin on his body.

On a recent episode of The Doctors television show, he found a resolution to the problem, a series of plastic surgery procedures commonly called “body contouring after weight loss.” With the help of plastic surgeons Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra, Cahill was able to remove about 15 pounds of skin from his tummy, chest and back. Continue reading

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center begins “Full Body Makeover” on local D.J. “Nicole”, on season four of NBC’s “Biggest Loser”.

For people who have experienced major weight-loss, obtaining their “goal weight” isn’t enough.

Philadelphia, PA (January 8, 2009):  You have always been considered “large”. The words thin, petite and the phrase “little stick of dynamite “did not describe you, in fact, they made you physically ill. You made a New Year’s Resolution and were determined to stick to it “this time”. You seemed to be the only one taking yourself seriously. You work. You work HARD. Maybe you hire a trainer, a life-coach, a dietician and for the first time in your life, it’s happening. The pounds are coming off. You are excited and can’t believe the scale. As the pounds shed, you begin to realize that even though you are doing everything right, you will never experience what it feels like to wear the latest trends because of the amount of skin you are left with, post weight-loss.  In addition to the skin, your weight-loss has left you with sagging arms, breasts, and an absolute feeling of hopelessness. You are devastated.

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