Monthly Archives: April 2010

Revision Rhinoplasty Discussed at ASAPS Annual Meeting

While the majority of rhinoplasty procedures performed by plastic surgeons are successful, some patients require a second operation to correct complications or unsatisfying results. The intricate nature of this procedure, commonly known as revision rhinoplasty, was a topic of discussion last weekend during the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Continue reading

Scientists Solve Problem of Stem Cell Fragility

Scientists working with the Scripps Research Institute say they have solved the problem of stem cell fragility, a major hurdle that has long-hindered the progress of stem cell research.

During the culture process, stem cells frequently die unless scientists take very meticulous, labor-intensive steps to keep them alive.  By introducing two compounds called Thiazovivin and Pyrintegrin, the cells are protected, increasing their survival rate significantly. Continue reading

New Restylane Skin Care Line Launched in Europe

A new skincare line is being launched by Q-Med, maker of Restylane dermal filler. Plans to unveil the product line were recently announced at the World Congress for Anti-Aging Medicine in Monaco.

The skincare line is said to be based on the same patented NASHA technology used in Restylane injectable filler, giving the creams a pleasing consistency while preserving moisture and adding luster to the skin.

Q-Med explains their goal with the new skincare line in an official press release saying, “The secret to beautiful skin is balanced skin hydration combined with a healthy and protective skin barrier. Restylane Skincare combines these two qualities in an innovative series of creams [that] supplement the effect of injectable Restylane products.” Continue reading