Thigh Lift

For some patients who have lost a massive amount of weight, the joys of the success can be dampened by the appearance of excess hanging skin on areas of the body, like the thighs.

Thigh lift surgery performed by Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. Genter removes and tightens excess tissue from the inner and outer thighs. This procedure is common after losing a large amount of weight and often done in combination with a body lift or tummy tuck.

Why Thigh Lift Surgery is Necessary

Bariatric surgery, exercise and diet can get you down to a healthy weight, but can’t tighten the remaining loose skin on your body. On the thighs, excess skin can pose a cosmetic and hygienic problem; that’s why body-contouring procedures like thigh lift surgery are necessary.

Indications for a thigh lift include the following:

  • Excess skin on inner thighs
  • Excess skin on outer thighs
  • Stable body weight
  • Limited fat on inner/outer thigh

Before surgery, you should quit smoking, if you are not already a nonsmoker. This will improve your surgical result as well as your recovery period.

How Thigh Lift Surgery Tightens the Skin

One common technique is called the medial thigh lift, during which an incision is made in the crease of the leg extending down toward the knee. Excess skin is removed and sutures are put in place to tighten the tissue and maintain the new form. In this procedure, Dr. Genter will take care to make the incisions as inconspicuous as possible. At this time, Dr. Genter may also perform localized liposuction to improve the new contours of your thighs.

After Your Thigh Lift: What to Expect

Incisions are closed and drains are put in place at the end of your surgery. The day after your thigh lift, we usually recommend light activity to prevent blood clots. Surgical drains and tape are removed after about one week and you will need to return to Dr. Genter’s office for follow-up appointments so he can track your healing progress. Exercise should be postponed until about six weeks after the surgery.

During the weeks that follow, a special compression garment is worn to promote contraction of the new leg contour. After any swelling dissipates, your thighs will show their new contours and the fit of clothing will likely improve.

To learn more about a thigh lift in Philadelphia with Dr. Genter, contact our office in Feasterville to schedule a surgery consultation.