Breast Implant Removal

A small percentage of the many breast augmentations performed each year require some type of revision surgery. A patient may change her preferences or she may experience a problem with her breast implant. Dr. Genter is prepared to give his patients the best possible aesthetic outcome during breast implant removal or revision of previous breast augmentation.

Revision Breast Surgery: Who can benefit?

A variety of issues may be indicators for revision surgery or breast implant removal:

  • Preference changes: A patient may desire a switch from saline to silicone, an increase in size or the complete removal of the implant.
  • Scar revision: to improve the appearance of a poorly healed scar after breast augmentation, revision surgery may be required.
  • Breast lift: breast implants can increase size and fullness, but when a significant degree of breast sagging has occurred since your breast augmentation, a revision procedure utilizing breast lift techniques may be appropriate.
  • Several complications and undesirable cosmetic issues have been documented by plastic surgeons: breast ptosis, nipple ptosis, implant displacement, implant rupture, nipple malposition, capsular contracture and implant shell rippling.

Revision Breast Surgery: What’s involved?

The length and complexity of your revision surgery will vary depending on the reasons and issues that prompted it. Correction of capsular contracture can take several hours, while breast implant removal may be completed in less than one hour. Aesthetic outcomes also vary; some patients will see their original breast shape return and others may see some wrinkling and scarring after breast implant removal.

Dr. Genter can guide you through the process to ensure you get the best possible results from revision breast surgery in Philadelphia or breast implant removal. Contact our plastic surgery officein Philadelphia County to learn more. Dr. Bruce Genter serves the Philadelphia area, convenient to Montgomery and Bucks County, PA.