Breast augmentation & Breast Implants in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia

top-breast-augmentation-philadelphiaMore than 350,000 women in the United States had a breast augmentation in 2008.* This surgery is growing in popularity because it continues to be one of the most satisfying cosmetic surgeries available for women. Dr. Genter’s team strives daily to be the best place to get breast implants in Philadelphia, from your first phone call, through your consultation, and the entire life-changing process.

In recent years, Dr. Genter has witnessed a rise in demand for breast implants in Philadelphia. He attributes the increase to more women in Montgomery and Philadelphia county being more proactive about improving their health and self-confidence and then spreading the word to family and friends.

Breast augmentation involves the surgical placement of a saline or silicone breast implant in a location centered below the nipple. Increasing the size and improving the shape of the breasts will often bring many benefits; increased confidence and more clothing options are just a few of the benefits patients report.

What is the cost of breast augmentation in Philadelphia?

The cost of breast implants in Philadelphia varies based on your choice of saline or silicone, and some individual factors as well. The price range for breast augmentation in our Philadelphia plastic surgery office ranges from $5900 to $6700, depending on silicone vs. saline (saline is cheaper). That is the total cost for a straightforward breast augmentation, including the surgeon’s fee, breast implants, and surgical center/anesthesia fees. There are occasionally promotions and special offers for breast implants available from Mentor, the manufacturer of the breast implants we use. Check the breast implant specials page for more information about current deals on breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation in Philadelphia: Your Options

There are many techniques in breast augmentation, new and old, that offer the patient a variety of options. There are also highly advanced breast implant options to choose from. All of this can allow the patient and surgeon more flexibility in “tailoring” your breast augmentation, but several rather complex decisions need to be made before surgery. Philadelphia breast surgeon Dr. Bruce Genter can guide you through this process and ensure that your breast augmentation is a safe and rewarding experience.

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Breast Implants in Philadelphia: Saline or Silicone?

Each breast implant has its own advantages that patients should consider.

Saline breast implants have been used for many years, they’re less expensive, and because they are filled with saline after placement, they allow for a smaller incision during surgery.

Silicone breast implants feel and “behave” very similar to your natural breast tissue. The latest implants are highly cohesive, meaning the silicone gel has a very stable consistency.

incisionsBreast Augmentation Surgery: Techniques

Breast implants can be placed below or above your chest muscles, a choice that depends largely on your body type. The incisions for breast implant placement can be made in several different areas:

      • In the crease below the breast
      • Near your armpit
      • Around the areola
      • In the navel

The goals are to achieve aesthetic results that are satisfying, while maintaining body proportion and leaving scars that are very inconspicuous.

Breast Augmentation in Philadelphia

To learn more about breast augmentation in Philadelphia – its risks, benefits, cost and the many options available – contact Dr. Genter’s office in Philadelphia. Dr. Bruce Genter serves the Philadelphia area, convenient to Montgomery and Bucks County, PA.

* According to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery