Body Lift

With the rising numbers of people in the Philadelphia area achieving significant weight loss – through bariatric surgery, exercise, or dieting – the demand for post bariatric body contouring has increased. The body lift is an extensive procedure intended to tighten the loose, excess tissues of the body that have become a problem after weight loss.

Body Lift in Philadelphia: Who Can Benefit?

The best candidates for body lift surgery in Philadelphia are those who have lost a massive amount of weight and are now maintaining a stable weight and healthy lifestyle. People who have undergone bariatric surgery with the lap band, realize band or gastric-bypass are generally considered good candidates for a body lift. Others who have achieved weight loss through diet and exercise can benefit as well. People choose the body lift to put the “finishing touch” on their hard-earned weight loss efforts.

Body Lift Before & After Pictures

body lift philadelphia

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Body Lift Surgery: What’s Involved?

Plastic surgeons usually take a “circumferential” approach when performing this surgery. They work around the body, making precise incisions in natural folds of the skin and tissue.

Excess tissue is removed and lifted to produce a smoother, tighter body contour. Body lift surgery usually involves excision and surgical skin-tightening procedures in the inner thighs, outer thighs and buttocks. In the midsection, tummy tuck procedures are performed to eradicate any protruding or loose skin that is present. Multiple surgeries may be necessary to achieve a satisfactory result during your body lift.

After Your Body Lift: What to Expect

Because this is an extensive procedure, the recovery will require more time than other cosmetic surgery procedures. In many cases, the surgeries are spread out over time to achieve a gradual but effective improvement. During a consultation with Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Genter, your personal concerns can be addressed and a plan can be formulated to put that finishing touch on your weight loss efforts. Contact our plastic surgery office in Feasterville to learn more about body lift surgery.