Eyelid Lift in Bucks County, Philadelphia, Montgomery County

Blepharoplasty, otherwise known as eyelid surgery in Philadelphia, is a procedure that corrects the problem of unsightly fat deposits and skin folds around a person’s eyes.

The problem is caused by aging and genetics, and it affects people differently. Also, some people are just prone to developing eye bags. Eyelid surgery in Philadelphia is a popular procedure performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Genter to correct this problem and improve your facial appearance.

Eyelid Surgery: Who Can Benefit?

Those who exhibit conditions such as the following can often benefit from eyelid surgery in Philadelphia:

  • Bags or bulges below eyes
  • Skin folds above eyes
  • Dark shadows around eyes
  • Hindered vision from excess tissue

Because the skin is so thin around the eyelids, these conditions are quite common. In order to undergo surgery, you should also be a nonsmoker as this will minimize scarring as you heal and may lessen the recovery time.

Eyelid Surgery in Philadelphia: Techniques & Procedures

Eyelid surgery can take anywhere from 1-3 hours and you will be given either a general anesthetic or a local anesthetic with sedation to increase your comfort. The incisions for eyelid surgery are very small and must be done with precision and care. The natural folds of the eyelid or inside the eyelid are the most common incision locations. As he begins surgery, Dr. Genter makes the incisions and removes a conservative amount of tissue from around the eyes. When he has removed an appropriate amount of tissue to achieve a smoother, natural look, Dr. Genter will close the incisions with sutures and apply a dressing.

Recovery and Results

After eyelid surgery, patients sometimes report a feeling of tightness around the eyes and some blurriness of vision. These effects should subside quickly and you should be able to appreciate the results. Total recovery time in most cases is about 7 to 10 days. During this time, you may have to change out the dressing Dr. Genter applied and also visit his office for check-up appointments in which Dr. Genter will track your healing.

After you have healed, you will experience the benefits of eyelid surgery in Philadelphia. Not only will you appear younger with diminished loose skin and bags under your eyes, but your eye area will be opened up. This may improve your vision, which is a necessary change for many patients.

To learn more about the cost of eyelid surgery in Philadelpiha, the associated risks, and the techniques utilized by Dr. Genter, contact our plastic surgery office in Montgomery and Philadelphia County.