Arm Lift in Philadelphia

Brachioplasty is a procedure that improves the contour of your arms. Does hanging skin and loose tissue on your upper arms bother you? An arm lift in Philadelphia could be the solution you need to alleviate this cosmetic problem and regain confidence about the appearance of your arms.

Who Can Benefit from Brachioplasty?

Those who benefit from arm lift surgery have often lost a significant amount of body weight. Weight loss is a considerable achievement, but it often leads to a condition of excess skin on the body. Your upper arms are one location that excess skin tends to accumulate.

At minimum, good candidates for arm lift surgery will have excess, hanging skin on the upper arms that they find very bothersome and limited fat deposits in this area. The main drawback of the surgery is the scars that result; they will fade over time but always be evident. Those who truly benefit from arm lift surgery are willing to accept the scars in order to realize sleeker, more toned arms.

Oftentimes, patients who have lost weight in their arms have lost weight in other areas of their body, as well. For this reason, an arm lift may be performed as part of a collection of body contouringprocedures. This may include a body liftthigh lift or tummy tuck, among other options to tone sagging skin after weight loss.

Arm Lift in Philadelphia: What’s Involved?

With the patient under general anesthesia, Dr. Genter makes an incision from the armpit area toward the elbow, on the back of the arm. A precise amount of excess skin and fat is removed before sutures are placed to close the incisions and further tighten the tissue. The incision size will vary; some patients will only need a limited incision, but in most cases the best results are achieved with the traditional technique. In some cases, Dr. Genter may also perform liposuction on the upper arms to remove any stubborn fat deposits. This will allow him to shape an ideally toned upper arm and achieve the best result.

Recovery from arm lift surgery can be tedious because the patient must limit movement of the arms and keep them elevated much of the time. There are instructions Dr. Genter can provide for you that will make the process as easy as possible. Prescription pain medications are provided to control discomfort during recovery.

After your recovery, however, you will experience the full benefits of the procedure. Not only will your arms look more lean and toned, but you will be able to wear clothing you may have previously felt self-conscious wearing.

Contact Dr. Genter’s Philadelphia plastic surgery office to learn more about an arm lift in Philadelphia and whether it may be a good option for you to attain sleeker, slimmer upper arms.