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Interview with Biggest Loser Nicole Michalak

JENNY: Hey, it’s Street Talkin' with Jenny G! It's a special edition of Street Talkin' where we are highlighting the amazing Dr. Bruce Genter here at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center. We also have Nicole here who was on The Biggest Loser, lost an enormous amount of weight, and linked up with Dr. Genter to get some, would we say, surgery done, work done?

philadelphia biggest loser nicole michalikNICOLE: That’s right.

JENNY: Dr. Genter, what do you do here? What’s new in plastic surgery?

DR. GENTER: The hottest procedures are always, in this practice, are always breast augmentation, and liposuction, and body contouring for surgery. But Botox, fillers, non-surgical things; very very hot right now. Because of the economy people don’t have all the money to spend, they don’t want to take the time to recover. So it's good to have quick fixes as well as the long-term fixes. One of the things I’m really excited about is putting in breast implants through the navel. I love doing that. And I really like to work on the whole body, head to toe. So in a single day I can be doing eyelid surgery, or rhinoplasty, or a nose job. And then do liposuction or breast augmentation. We have non-surgical procedures here too, such as, Botox injections, fillers like Restylane and Juviderm. We have skin treatments where people can come in and gradually take away sun damage, get rid of spider veins. So we really like to offer everything.

JENNY: So you’ve done such amazing stuff for Nicole, who again was on The Biggest Loser, she’s a super-star.

NICOLE: I was on The Biggest Loser, as you know. I was 308 pounds at my heaviest. I lost 105 pounds from the show, but 140 total.

JENNY: Amazing, I can’t lose ten lbs.

DR. GENTER: Neither can I.

NICOLE: And oh it's hard, it's hard! I’m not going to lie. I had tons of extra skin, I used to be able to pull my skin out over my jeans. Like I said, the stars aligned, I met Dr. Genter, and as soon as I walked in to this place I felt comfortable. It wasn't first my connection with him, but this whole office is amazing, despite the fact that they have cookies and lemon-water, which makes it better. Every nurse, and the practice manager, and absolutely they took such great care of me. I had a body lift/tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and arm lift and a hypo-hydroxy peel.

So I had literally both surgical and non-surgical procedures. So many people have such a fear of plastic surgery. It has such a stigma, and when Dr. Genter said he wants to make people feel good about themselves, I am the face about feeling good about themselves.

It's about saying, "Hey, the gym only takes you so far, watching what you eat only takes you so far." You’re a mom and you have two kids and you want your stomach flat like you were when you were twenty. You want your boobs to feel like were when you were 24. You should feel good about yourself. You should be able to feel the best version of yourself.

Dr. Genter said that to me once, he said, "We're going to make you look like the best version of yourself." You know what? That’s all I could ask for. I think it’s important, especially for women, and men, because there’s a lot of men feel insecure to go into a plastic surgeon’s office. It's that, "No!" You have every right as a human being to feel good about yourself. When you find an amazing doctor with the credentials that Dr. Genter has and to be able to get to that place where your body and mind finally connect and you feel great about yourself, it’s priceless.

DR. GENTER: I have to make the surgery fit the patient. The patient doesn't fit the surgery. This is all customized.

JENNY: Okay, for more information, if you want to link up with Nicole…

NICOLE: You can always find me at, keyword “Nicole.” Or email me at

DR. GENTER: And my website is You can call my office. We have info at Let me see if I remember, 215-572-7744.

JENNY: Oh, thank you. I’m glad you finally know that by now. So, and you also have a blog on there, I remember you telling me about that, so you can check out his blog too.

DR. GENTER: That’s just called "Dr. Genter's Plastic Surgery Blog." You can Google it.

JENNY: Very cool.

NICOLE: And it’s cool because if you read my website, I have more patient aspect questions on my blog, and he has also more professional type questions, so it’s kind of a perfect little union.