Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

Otoplasty is ear surgery – what many people call “pinning back the ears.” This is a common procedure for young children, but adults can benefit as well. If you are concerned about ears that protrude too far, this surgery is usually the best solution.

Otoplasty: Who can benefit?

When children exhibit protruding ears, most plastic surgeons will recommend that otoplasty be done as soon as the ears have become sufficiently developed. This might occur before the child enters the first grade, so parents don’t need to wait very long.

Some adults have protruding ears but have not undergone ear surgery for various reasons – financial or personal. No matter what age you are, Otoplasty will allow people to focus more on youand less on your ears.

Ear Surgery: How ears are reshaped

Otoplasty requires small incisions behind the ear. The cartilage is then removed, folded or reshaped to produce a more appealing ear contour. Sutures or stitches are then placed to maintain the new form. Perfect ear symmetry is rare with or without surgery, so it’s important to have realistic expectations.

After Ear Surgery: What to Expect

After otoplasty, the patient must avoid putting too much pressure on the ears, which may require a change in sleeping habits. Dressings will cover the incisions and a headband may be recommended to keep the ears in place. Recovery in most cases will only require 1-2 weeks.

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