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Fat Transfer Procedures to Fill Out Breasts

breast augmentation philadelphiaRather than using traditional breast implants, many plastic surgeons are turning to fat grafting to increase breast size, according to a recent study in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The procedure, which builds upon previous successes and innovations in fat transfer for breast augmentation, involves several weeks of pre-expansion treatment with a bra-like device that uses gentle vacuum pressure to stretch the breast tissue. This allows for more room when the surgeon grafts the fat, which is extracted from another part of the body, such as the thigh.

Fat grafting has a number of advantages, since it doesn’t use a foreign implant but the patient’s own tissue. But one of the greatest disadvantages of the procedure has been that it cannot typically enhance a patient’s breast more than one cup size. This has limited its use among women who desire larger results.

“Pre-expansion to the breast allows for mega-volume (over 300 cc) grafting with reproducible, long lasting results that can be achieved in less than two hours,” according to study authors Drs. Daniel Alexander Del Vecchio and Louis Paul Bucky.

The study examined the results of pre-expansion and autologous fat transfers in 46 breasts of 25 women. While some were having first-time procedures to augment their breast size, others were having implants replaced or having breast deformities corrected. The average amount of fat transplanted was 300cc.

The patients had their procedures evaluated after six months, and the doctors found:

  • significant improvements in size
  • soft and natural appearance
  • no cysts or other abnormalities under MRI

The surgeons found that with some practice they could perform the breast fat transfer procedure within less than two hours. None of the patients experienced any significant complications.

While the long-term implications and possible safety issues associated with the pre-expansion and fat transfer technique have yet to be researched, Del Vecchio and Bucky’s contribution to the field of fat transplantation offers new hope to women who want full, natural breast enhancement.


Breast Implant Revision Growing in Popularity

Passing off a trend for larger implants, more patients are choosing to decrease the size of their breast implants for a more natural appearance.

Celebrities who have downsized in recent years allegedly include Denise Richards, Victoria Beckham, Drew Barrymore, and Jordan. Taken together they represent a trend toward breast implants being smaller than was previously fashionable.

More everyday women are hopping on the bandwagon, tired of having breast implants that are too large for their bodies, according to CBS News health reporter Stephanie Stahl.

What are some reasons that women might be downsizing their breast implants?

  • They may not want or need extra attention toward their breasts.
  • Misalignment and capsular contracture made the implants look unnatural.
  • Women want to look and feel more natural and comfortable.
  • Large breasts make it more difficult to exercise or perform other physical activities.
  • Overly large breasts have been associated with back problems.

While surgery to reduce implant size involves simply exchanging one implant for another, there’s usually some reconstruction required, since the pocket housing the implant needs to be modified. Risks of the surgery are similar to regular breast augmentation surgery, but the recovery time is typically shorter.

Harriet Bleiman, a breast implant reduction patient who spoke with CBS, loves her reduced bust size. “I just feel like this is the right proportion for me… I liked them at the beginning, and after a couple of years they felt like two large, standing out, almost cantaloupes, and that made me very uncomfortable.”

Now, Harriet says, it actually feels as if having a smaller breast size has helped everything from her self-confidence to her golf game.