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ASPS Plastic Surgeons Gather This Weekend for Annual Meeting

plastic surgeonsFriday, October 1st will kick off the annual scientific meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Held in Toronto, Ontario, the conference will be attended by plastic surgeons and physicians from all around the world.

Presentations will focus on the hottest plastic surgery topics, technologies and current research.  Attendance could surpass 5,000 plastic surgeons, along with other doctors, nurses, exhibitors and professionals involved in the plastic surgery field.

“Plastic Surgery 2010 is the complete plastic surgery experience featuring the latest information on cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery techniques,” said ASPS President Michael McGuire, MD.

The meeting will serve as a first ‘congress of plastic surgery’ whereby international and U.S. physicians can easily come together to investigate and refine new techniques, review the safety and effectiveness of devices and procedures, and explore emerging trends in plastic surgery, ” adds Dr. McGuire.

A roundtable event will feature plastic surgeons sharing their experiences in Haiti, as they volunteered during relief efforts after the January 2010 earthquake.  According to the ASPS, many plastic surgeons are still actively engaged in the Haiti relief effort.

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The Benefits of Male Breast Reduction – on Project Beauty

“No matter what I did, no matter how much I bench-pressed, no matter how hard I worked out – there was still an unnatural amount of breast fat,” says Will, a patient featured on this video from Project Beauty.

He explains how he visited his doctor and couldn’t resolve the problem with diet and exercise. Finally, he decided to seek out a plastic surgeon for a procedure called male breast reduction.

Male breast reduction is primarily chosen by patients like Will who are bothered by gynecomastia. During the procedure, small incisions are placed in or around the pigmented area of the nipples and fat is removed with liposuction. Read more about male breast reduction in Jenkintown, PA.

Allergan Files Patent Infringment Suit to Stop Generic Latisse

Allergan Inc of Irvine, CA (maker of Botox and Juvederm) has reportedly filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against a Canadian drug company that is attempting to manufacture and market a generic version of Latisse.

The relevant patents for Latisse expire “as late as mid-2024,” reports Fox News. But Apotex Inc seeks to challenge those patents, allegedly claiming that two Latisse patents are neither valid nor enforceable.  The company went so far as to file an application with the FDA to create and market a generic version of Latisse.

This conflict represents only the latest attempt to compete with Allergan in the market for eyelash enhancing drugs.  In 2007, several companies were accused of using the same ingredients (topical prostaglandins) in their eyelash enhancement products.

Jan Marini Skin research, one company then accused of violating the patent, said it had reviewed the patents pertaining to Latisse ingredients and determined that no violation had occurred.  Another company, Cayman Chemical Co., reportedly said that all patents on the actual Latisse compound had expired and that Allergan’s patent pertains to the method of using it. (via LA Times)

Right now, Latisse is the only product available that actually stimulates eyelash growth.  Applying it daily to the base of the upper eyelids can result in longer, darker, fuller eyelashes.  Read more about purchasing Latisse in Philadelphia.